AT&T Galaxy Note Android 4.0 Update, Premium Suite Dropping July 10th

The international Galaxy Note has had Ice Cream Sandwich for quite a while, while AT&T users were left in the cold. The AT&T model has a different chipset, so it would seem logical that it’d take longer. But the update is finally here! It comes with all the standard Android 4.0 stuff, including the nice multitasking menu, new UI (tastefully skinned by TouchWiz 4.0), and NFC capabilities.

If that was it, a lot of people would be disappointed. Besides the big screen, the biggest selling point of the Galaxy Note is the S Pen. So Samsung is releasing the Premium Suite, a suite of new and redesigned apps to use the S Pen with. One cool feature is when you write out a mathematical function, the S Note app will convert it to text, solve it, and graph it using Wolfram Alpha. This and other cool features will breathe new life into your Note.

You can have all this tomorrow, July 10th! Stay tuned for info on how to download it, because you Note owners should be very excited.

Techno Buffalo

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