AT&T Reports Second Quarter Financial Results, Adds 1.3 Million Customers

AT&T just released their second quarter financial results, with revenue totaling $31.6 billion, a ten percent increase in earnings year-over-year. AT&T is calling this their “best-ever” earnings sheet, with the lowest postpaid, prepaid and total wireless churn and highest-ever wireless margins of 30.3 percent.

In total, AT&T said it sold 5.1 million smartphones in the second quarter, 3.7 million of which were iPhones. Sixty-two percent of all postpaid phones on AT&T are now smartphones, up from 50 percent a year earlier. AT&T’s smartphone ownership is notable as it’s far higher than Verizon’s own smartphone user base which just reached 50 percent last week. AT&T’s remaining 1.4 million smartphone buyers in the second quarter a combination of Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, though the company doesn’t break down numbers beyond iPhone sales.

AT&T announced that 1/3 of their customers are now using “4G” capable devices, though what defines “4G” is up for grabs as it’s almost certainly a combination of HSPA+ and LTE. Altogether, AT&T has 43.1 million customers now using smartphones.

As the second quarter ended, AT&T’s 1.3 million wireless subscriber additions led to a total customer base of 105.2 million total wireless subscribers.

You can hit the full financial rundown over on AT&T’s website, or check out the video below for highlights. Why is there video anyway?

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