AutoRap App By Smule Creates Some Hilarious Moments

Even if you don’t like apps like this, watch the video anyway. What this app does, while not very useful, is honestly quite impressive. Basically, it turns your recorded speech into a rap song. Since it comes from a respected developer such as Smule, you know it’ll work well. And it does. It works on anything from Shakespeare to Cornholio impressions (as seen in the video).

Not only does it create speech into rap songs, the visuals also change and pulse to the sound of your voice. It looks like a well designed app, and you might as well go try it out. If anything, it’ll bring out the immature kid in you and have you laughing at the stupid things you yell at this app.

It has a selection of different rap beats for you to choose from, or you can rap along with other rap songs. Best of all, the app is absolutely free! But when you use this app… make sure to videotape it for our enjoyment.

Android Police | Play Store: AutoRap

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