Battery Life Test: Samsung Galaxy SIII Wins Over iPhone 4S & HTC One X

Need another reason to love your new Samsung Galaxy SIII?  According to a recent study, the SIII outlasted the iPhone 4S and HTC One X in a battle for battery stamina using minutes.  SIII went the distance with 726 minutes, second place went the to the One X with 635, and finally Sony Xperia S and 4S rounded out 3rd and 4th place at 520 and 467; dead last was the Motorola Gleam at an abysmal135 minutes.  101 mobile phones were tested in all with the average time being 315 minutes.  Noticeably missing was the Droid RAZR Maxx, however, this U.S. only phone was not tested because the study was held in the UK.


Motoring Crunch

image via Quick Meme

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