Brick Bug Back, This Time On The International Galaxy S II I9100

This is a public announcement for those of you that aren’t into expensive paper weights.  I know I’m not.  Apparently, a recently leak Android 4.0.4 version for the international Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 has introduced the brick bug to the device that wasn’t originally effected.  If you’re not familiar with the brick bug, it’s something that has previously affected other Galaxy S II variants with ICS roms as previously reported.  XDA Developer Admin pulser_g2 has announced for the I9100 device,

“In light of the recent leak of the Samsung 4.0.4 ROM for the i9100, version XXLQ5, we advise you do NOT flash this ROM, its kernel, or any ROM based on this kernel at this time.

This kernel contains a hard-brick bug, which is known to cause (currently) irreparable damage to the device, resulting in what most users experience as a “bricked” phone.

If you have already flashed this kernel or a ROM based on it, do not panic. Firstly, do NOT use recovery to try to flash anything. Do NOT wipe or format, or flash anything from recovery! Don’t try to flash another kernel or ROM! 

If you wish to change ROM (please do this with caution and only if you understand what you are doing), use ODIN to flash a new kernel, and then proceed as normal to flash. Ensure the kernel you flash is NOT affected by the bug. “

So these are some useful instructions if you’ve already flashed the XXLQ5 rom or you were thinking about it.  If you have flashed it, and your device hasn’t taken a dump on you yet, you have a chance to rid yourself of the danger.  On the XDA thread, there are also a list of roms to avoid that are known to have the brick bug.  So it’s a bummer that hasn’t figured out to avoid this issue by now.  It’s been a known issue for some time.  We feel for those that may be the original discoverers of the brick bug.  As always, it’s a risk to be flashing leaking roms and rooting your device, but unless this problem is solved, this brick bug has the potential to even affect non-rooted devices.  Always be sure to read and reread the threads and instructions before you flash anything (in addition to backing up your device) to keep your chances of success as high as possible.  However, as stated above, stay patient and avoid the Android 4.0.04 XXLQ5 for the international Samsung Galaxy S II I9100.  Let us know if you’ve used this rom at all, or what you think of Samsung still building roms with this issue…

XDA Thread

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