Casio G’zOne Commando Getting Geared Up For New OTA Update

Maybe because it was one of the few rugged smartphones released on Verizon, but Big Red isn’t forgetting about the aging Casio G’zOne Commando just yet. They’ve somehow found it in their spare time to push another update to the device that contains a few bug fixes and, this is a shocker, even takes away a bloatware app. The full update includes:

  • Speakerphone successfully turns off after a Push to Talk call is completed.
  • Improved device stability decreases power cycles during a Push to Talk call.
  • Mobile IM application has been removed from the device.
  • Desk Cradle application has been updated with the latest bug fixes.
  • Android partner security bulletin has been applied to the device.

I’m incredibly amazed that Verizon and Casio haven’t forgotten about the rugged G’zOne Commando. And that’s in a good way. Good going guys!

Android Police, Verizon

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