Chameleon Ready To Hit In August In Beta Form For Anyone Who Pre-ordered

We’ve been covering the developments of Kickstarter project, Chameleon, for several months now and the most recent news was a video showing it running on a Nexus 7. Our own Dima Aryeh commented on how smooth and usable it looked and his prediction turned out to be true as the team behind the project have just announced when it will first become available. A beta version of the home screen replacement will become available “beginning in August” to those people that pre-ordered. You’ll be able to get it through the Play Store but because it will be a private beta, we assume that you’ll have to do something such as login to gain access. This is great news for funders of the project as we’d originally heard that it wouldn’t be available until sometime in the fall. Give us a shout in the comments section to tell us whether or not you funded Chameleon.

Droid Life, Kickstarter

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