Chinese Government Study Shows Smartphones Primary Internet Devices, Not PCs

A study by the Chinese government has shown that smartphones have overtaken PC’s in web browsing devices. While we saw this coming, it’s still interesting to see how far they’ve gone. China’s Internet Network Information Center (or lack of information center! No? Ok) said that a whopping 538 million people in China have internet. Sound like a lot? It’s only 40 percent of the entire population. Pretty crazy.

So there were 388 million instances of mobile phones used to surf the internet, compared to 380 million for computers. Using phones as replacement computers has been quite popular in China, especially after the smartphone boom. But now it seems to be taking over! Also reported is that 43.8% of phone users documented their life through microblogs. Very interesting, China. Now we want to know what percentage of those phones are Android! So tell me, readers. Do you guys regularly use your phones as PC replacements? Or is a PC necessary in your personal life? Tell us in the comments!


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