ClockworkMod 6 Released for Nexus 7/S

ClockworkMod took to Twitter today to announce that CWM 6, the newest version of the custom recovery, has finally made its way to some of Google’s children. The Nexus S how has full support as well as the Nexus 7. This is one of the most popular ROM managers out today.

Given that these are Nexus devices, it’s not surprising that these devices are the first to get them. However, as fast as these are cranking out, chances are CWM 6 will be available for even more devices very soon.

For those who don’t remember, this new version will include 3 important features:

  • Root confirmation, checking to make sure you have root access, useful for stock ROMs.
  • Prevents the reflashing of a stock recovery.
  • If running a stock ROM and receive an update, you will be able to confirm or deny the update, rather than avoiding it altogether.
If you want to download the files, follow the official source link.
If you are already running ROM Manager on your phone, you can also download the new recovery through.
WARNING: As of right now, these files are not available in .zip form. If you are going to install, it will need to be done through ADB.

ClockworkMod (Twitter), ClockworkMod (Official)

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