ClockworkMod Recovery v6 Release Build For Galaxy Nexus

A few days ago I wrote a story about Koush teasing us about some new ClockworkMod Recovery v6 features with no reported release date.  Now, the new ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) v6.0.0.4 has been released the the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and is being touted as the release build.  Koush posted on his Google+ about this release and along with other updates on where the custom recovery is going and the future of ROM Manager:

ClockworkMod Recovery 6 for Galaxy Nexus

… has been released on ROM Manager.

New backup format that deduplicates data between backups.
Faster backups.
Fixed restores > 2GB.
Minor UI tweaks (new background, animated Android)

In the past, I have merged/rebased every CWM with AOSP. With Jellybean, I have decided this is no longer in the best interest of the project. There are only a few areas of AOSP recovery that are of interest (roots.c – file system, minui, and updater). Those will continue to be merged into CWM. Other than that, doing a full rebase with every code drop has been a giant headache, with the code churn from upstream that providing little to no value to CWM.
In any case, this unties my hands to deviate completely from AOSP, with the primary goal to make a much more polished touch UI.

ROM Manager
ROM Manager is a little over 2 years old, and though it has grown in features quite a bit since its first incarnation, parts are starting to show its age. I’ve been contemplating a significant UI rewrite for some time now, and will pull the trigger on that shortly. I also want to add in some features that I am hoping will be of some interest:
* A paid ROM section for devs to publish their work and support their hobby.
* Upload your current ROM to ROM Manager for anyone to use, from the device.
* Connect ROM Manager to the Recovery Builder for automatic updates of recovery. No device left behind :)

Speaking of the Recovery Builder; it has been pleasantly successful. To date, around 1700 recoveries have been built. Many for devices ROM Manager currently does not even support.

So some really cool news from Koush in regards to CWM and ROM Manager.  I really like the sound of the new backup format de-duplicating data between backups, especially on a device like the Nexus 7 with limited space.  Also, as stated by Koush, be looking for updates on ROM manager in the future.  If you are able to read the Koush tease post on CWM v6 you’ll read that some of the new features will be really handy for users that run a stock rooted rom.  This will be especially handy for the Galaxy Nexus as it is receiving new updates for Jelly Bean.  It seems like the Nexus 7 is receiving updates pretty often and I’m assuming other Nexus devices will be that same.  Specifically for the Galaxy Nexus, the new CWM v6.0.0.4 can be found here in both regular flavor and touch version.  I’ve never used a touch custom recovery before so that sounds interesting to me to try out.  The XDA thread has instructions for flashing the custom recovery, and if you’d like a flashable .zip, one can be found further down the thread here.  Obviously, backup your device before flashing anything new.  This is always at your own risk, and reading the threads before flashing definitely decreases the risk of anything going wrong.  Let us know if you’re going to try out CWM v6 and what you think of the changes.  I’m excited to see this custom recovery for my devices…

Koush Google+ | XDA Thread

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