CM10 Development For Samsung Vibrant Looking Bleak, You Could Be Somebody’s Hero

CyanogenMod on their Google+ announced Friday that their support for the Samsung Vibrant will most likely need to be dropped.  The developer currently maintaining development on the device, Dainel Bateman, has come to the realization that his Vibrant’s days are numbered and is looking to upgrade.  This is also his advice to Vibrant owners.  Seeing as the device came out about two years ago, if you’re a Vibrant owner, you’re probably not far off from an upgrade yourself if you haven’t already switched devices.  However, a call for help has gone out from CyanogenMod that they are willing to hand over the reigns to a new developer if you have what it takes.  If you’re a developer, you have a Vibrant, and some extra time, the contact information is in the official statement from CyanogenMod below.  You could be a Vibrant owner’s hero.

So, are there any Vibrant owners out there that are bummed about this news?  Worried you’ll never see a solid CM10?  Or have you all moved on?  Let us know your thoughts by commenting below…

Official CyanogenMod statement on Samsung Vibrant:

There’s a time in every maintainer’s life where the device you have is either too poorly spec’d to continue on, or, through enough development, it just starts to fall apart. That time has come to +Daniel Bateman’s Vibrant.

In his words:
FYI, my phone is going to pot… Battery contacts are bent (but still work), case is cracked (but replaceable), and the USB port is almost dead again (I sent it for port replacement once already). I’ll be upgrading to a new phone later this month or early next month, maybe GS2 or GNex.

Thanks for the support guys. I didn’t do that much. Hopefully no one died from 911 failure.

My advice to users: Upgrade

Now, this doesn’t mean we will be dropping the Vibrant for CM10 immediately. Being an aries based device, it benefits from that common work. What this does mean is, we are severely handicapped should some showstopper bug present itself that inhibits progress. We will (most likely) have to drop support for the device, unless we find a capable maintainer to take over the reigns.

If you have the chops (Java experience, a Vibrant and the time to put into working on it), please PM FaultException on XDA (

CyanogenMod Google+

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