CM9 Support for US Samsung Galaxy S III Variants Sans Verizon

The CyanogenMod team announced this Wednesday morning CM9 support for three new devices.  These devices include the three non-encrypted bootloader US Samsung Galaxy S III variants.  Other variants will likely follow once the phones and source are released.  Remember, as said by the CyanogenMod team several times before, “CyanogenMod does not endorse SDK ports to phones/tablets and we will NOT release an SDK port for any device.  [They] dabble is source code only.”  So, that’s why these brand new phones are getting support and my Epic 4G Touch (or possibly your device) still doesn’t have official CM9 support; the source code has been released for these devices.  I’m not bitter.  It is what it is.  Here is their official statement below:

Last night we welcomed the ‘d2′ family of devices (not to be confused with the Droid 2) into our cabal of supported devices and nightlies

This brings our support of the principal Galaxy S 3 variants to most major carriers around the world (the parent device – i9300 was already supported).

The breakdown is fairly simple:

d2att = AT&T Variant
d2tmo = T-Mobile Variant
d2spr = Sprint Variant

The official statement also included that they had plans to bring on support for the Verizon variant, but with recent news of the developer Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III, they have decided to hold off on the d2vzw.  Stay tuned for further news on that.  So, who’s exciting about getting some official CM9 on their SGS3?

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