CyanogenMod 10 Teased On Video Running On An LG Optimus 4X

It seems that the move to CyanogenMod 10 has been quite quick! The CyanogenMod team has shown off CM10 working on the LG Optimus 4X, including audio and 1080p video recording. They did say that while merging 4.1 source into their 4.0 code wouldn’t work, the transfer to 4.1 wouldn’t take too long. This proves that it may not be much longer.

While I can not tell from the video, I dearly hope that Project Butter will be fully working when nightlies go live. I’d do anything to get the smoothness of a Galaxy Nexus running 4.1 on my Galaxy S II. On Gingerbread it was just as smooth, but the Ice Cream Sandwich update seemed to have degraded the smoothness. Also, CyanogenMod team, I hope this change from 4.0 to 4.1 will help you guys fix that pesky audio bug in your source code. Criticism aside, thanks a lot!


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