CyanogenMod Team Gives First Word On CyanogenMod And Jelly Bean

Now that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is all nice and official, hackers and rooters from all around the Android world have echoed the same cry of questions about CyanogenMod. Now the CyanogenMod team has spoken up about it on their Google+ page and they’ve got some good news. First of all, they said that this latest version would follow the same naming cycle and be dubbed CyanogenMod 10. The other huge question is, “Will my device get CM10?” Honestly, there’s only one answer. Possibly. If you had a device that was officially supported with CM9 then you should probably be good. It’s not for certain because the source code isn’t yet available and they haven’t been able to test it but the jump from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean isn’t nearly as drastic as Gingerbread to ICS so it won’t require a ground-up redesign like CM9 required. This should help to continue to support more devices and also have the project pushed out much earlier.

Also, if you were wondering about them working on three projects at a time, worry not. They stated that once they get a fully stable version of CM9 then they will switch exclusively to building CM10 and continuing to support CM7 for older devices. This all sounds like good news for the modding community that Android attracts. Let’s see a show of hands in the comments for who’s excited for CyanogenMod10.


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