Dolby Looking to Expand its Reach into Mobile Audio


Dolby Labs, the company responsible for many of the awesome audio showcases at the beginnings of any movies you’ve seen recently, is looking to bring a better sound to the mobile space. More specifically, they are aiming at tablets. With all the HD displays being shown off with new devices, audio has been often overlooked, other than HTC with BEATS of course.

Now Dolby is looking to create a software fix for the limited speaker capabilities that can be crammed into a tablet. Their new software, dubbed Dolby Digital Plus, actually has the ability to cut out audio peaks when the volume is to high. Also, it can minimize distortion which is notorious with small speakers in phone and tablets, especially those with dual speakers for stereo sound. Some of their work has been seen with Dolby Mobile on the Acer Iconia a500 and it provided a much better audio experience than many expected, although it wasn’t perfect. Overall, this is should give tablets an even more premium media experience. Delivering HD movies and hopefully HD audio soon, mobile could be all you need for your media consumption.

Phone Arena via Ars Technica


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