Editorial: I Finally Caved In And Bought A Nexus 7

The Nexus 7. A very, very odd device for me. Powerful, stock Android, sleek, all words that could describe it. Those are words I would even use to describe my perfect Android tablet. But at Google I/O, when it was announced, there was something about it, something that just didn’t pull me in. I didn’t rush to order one, nor did I feel the need to.

Back at CES, when ASUS announced their 7-inch, Tegra 3-powered tablet, I couldn’t have been more excited. $250 scored a quad-core tablet, which at the time was unbelievable. It even had stock Android 4.0, and I set in my mind that it would be a tablet I would buy when it released. I look back, 6 months later, and everything has changed. The tablet went from being an ASUS-branded tablet, to a Google one. And instead of Android 4.0, it is now the first device to ship with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean.

Normally, all of this would be good, right? Well, not for me.

Something about the Nexus 7, there was something that I just couldn’t justify buying one. Maybe it was the 7-inch form factor, one that to this day I still dislike. Perhaps it was the fact that I still didn’t feel like Android was ready on tablets. All I knew when the device was announced is that I did not want one.

Now, after being officially available to the general public for about a week and a half, the winds have changed yet again. I have ordered a Nexus 7.

What drove me to do such a thing, you ask? For starters, everyone under the sun and their mothers love the Nexus 7. Half of the writers here at DroidDog have told me to just pull the trigger and buy one, along with another handful of my colleagues.  People who have typically hated Android even love this tablet, proving that this is not just a Nexus, but a great product.

Jelly Bean has also proven its worth. Project Butter is no joke, bringing fluidity to Android, something it has been sorely lacking since its initial release in 2007. Not only is it more smooth, but Jelly Bean brings an extra layer of polish to the backend of Android, making it just that much better. Sure, it doesn’t look much different, but it boosts the overall experience 100 fold (at least in my mind). Google Now is onboard, a service that has proven its worth since the second it was unveiled. Even PhoneDog’s Evan Selleck, a man who it is damn near impossible to please, loves Jelly Bean.

So everyone is loving the Nexus 7, the software is solid, what’s holding me back? The screen. I’m a guy who loves the size of the iPad (and other 10-inch tablets), to the point that I feel it’s the only useful size for a tablet. I have a different phone each week, with screen sizes ranging for 3.5 to 4.8-inches. When my phone’s screen gets close to 5-inches, I feel like a 7-inch tablet is almost a waste. With my 13-inch MacBook Air, 10-inches is small enough to be more portable, yet big enough to get some serious work done. I’m a bit skeptical about the Nexus 7′s screen size, but I’m willingly to give it a chance.

My Nexus 7 will be here at the end of the week, and I’m very excited to get it. Keep an eye on the site to see how things far for me, but in the mean time, how do you feel about the Nexus 7?


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