Eric Schmidt Believes Self-Driving Cars are in Google’s Future

Google has been working on much more than just smartphone operating systems. Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, spoke about the company’s self-driving car program it has been working on. Google has apparently talked to “all” manufacturers about creating a mainstream car with autopilot. Although, Schmidt says the cars are “not ready for productization.” Also, part of the problem involves the legality of the cars, themselves. So far, Nevada is the only state in America to approve the cars at all.

Schmidt was blunt about another technicality involving the problems of getting the cars on the road, stating: “The current biggest problem is that it runs at the speed limit and nobody drives at the speed limit.” Although Google has cars that don’t worry about that at all, having produced self-driving race cars and racing them on their own track.

Seems like Google has many more tricks up it’s sleeve other than web services and smartphones. It will be interesting to see when and where these cars first emerge, if ever.


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