Evernote Gets A New Tablet Interface: Earns Two Thumbs Up

One of the more popular note taking apps out there is Evernote and it’s always been a favorite for tablets and phones like. Those users of it on an Android tablet can rejoice as Evernote has just been updated to version 4.1 which improves the already good tablet interface. There’s now a navigation pane on the left side with content pages that can be swiped through on the right. There’s also a nice new list view which lets you search by different categories such as date, title, location, etc. And if you’re on a phone and feel like you’re missing out on the fun, no worries. You can now have sublists on both the phone and tablet versions which is an addition that’s been missing for a while. That means lists upon lists upon lists and, well, you get the picture. Do any of you use Evernote? Have a tablet? Let us know how you like this latest addition!

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