Evidence Of Rampant CM10 Development

It has only been 11 days since CyanogenMod announced that devices with CM9 support are likely to be supported with CM10.  From CyanogenMod’s Google+, “Our goal is to release a stable CM 9.0.0 (and any needed .1’s). After that, we will work on CM7 and CM10 only. As stated above, CM9 devices are highly likely to get CM10, so maintaining a separate class of devices for CM9 only is inefficient.”  That being said, in the days following that announcement, many different devices have been spotted running CM10.  Some we only have video evidence with various features reported working and not.  Recently we’ve reported on an LG Optimus 4X running the custom Android 4.1 operating system.  Now we have a few more to add to the list: International Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, and the ASUS Transformer Prime.  It’s obvious that developers are hard at working getting CM10 running on various devices.

First, CM10 for the International Samsung Galaxy S III can be installed on your device very soon.  It’s in a very early stage, so there’s lots still not working.  On the not working list includes Wifi, Bluetooth, Calls, Audio, Camera, Video playback, and probably more according to the developer netchip.  When I first started investigating CM10 for this device, you could download the rom.  Now that I’m writing this, it looks like the link to download the rom is down, but I believe that is because it’s being updated already.  However, installation of the rom is fairly straightforward.  First clockworkmod recovery needs to be installed, followed by CM9.  After that you need to wipe your data and cache through the custom recovery and then you can flash the CM10.  Again, this isn’t’ a fully functioning ROM, but you want to check out the CM10 flavoring of Jelly Bean on you Galaxy S III, here’s a link to check it out.

Second, I have some YouTube videos of CM10 running on the other two devices mentioned.  Check them out if you’re interested.

Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket

ASUS Transformer Prime

AndroidSPIN Skyrocket and Transformer Prime 

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