Facebook Knows Users Need More than Just an @facebook Address

Social Networking Goliath, Facebook, has decided to clarify the recent decision to hide users’ email addresses. Although the company fully intended on hiding addresses online, they do understand that the email address can be vitally important when out on the go. To further clarify, Facebook wants you to have email addresses on your phone, just not on the computer. Because of this, a fix for the rampant @facebook.com bug should be in the works.

However, this was not necessarily a mistake on Facebook’s part. The social network divided up the Privacy and Visibility settings in order to give users an easier, yet more secure experience. For example, users can search for one another by searching for the email address used on profiles. However, that address will not show up on the user’s profile. The email address visibility setting has been switched to invisible by default, leaving only the @facebook.com address out in the open. On the user end, this is a simple change in visibility settings.

Even though Facebook did this for the privacy of its users, it sounds like they will fix lack of email addresses syncing to phones, which has taken it’s toll on Android, Blackberry and even some iOS 6 beta users. So no worries folks, help is on the way.

The Verge

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