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Welcome to another segment of Featured App Friday where we review an app every Friday. Since I reviewed a Twitter app last week, I thought it would be good to do something different and go for a game. I debated for a while until choosing one that I’ve played since last summer. Everlands HD is a puzzle game that I picked up for free on a whim in the Amazon Appstore. That was just a free app of the day deal but if you want to pick it up for yourself then you can do so on the Google Play Store for $1.99. But let’s cut the chatter and get started!


Everlands HD is made by Hexage who have designed several other popular games for Android such as Radiant HD or Evac HD and they have their own way of doing things. Everlands just so happens to be a turn based hex puzzle game which may sound confusing but once you grasp the concept then it’s not so hard. Essentially, you place tiles that have both health and attack. The computer or opponent that you’re playing against also places down tiles in turns with you. The goal is to take out enemy tiles and try to cover as much of the playing field as possible before all the spots are filled. It does require you to think a bit and definitely gets harder as the storyline progresses and more opponents are added. This type of gameplay is great for people who love to think and solve puzzles but if you’re just looking for a mindless time waster then check somewhere else as this isn’t that kind of game. It’s quite fun and slightly challenging and the hex based style certainly helps it to stand out and make you think in different ways. If you’re looking for something fun that will also make you think, then Everlands HD won’t disappoint.


The graphics in Everlands are nothing too special but I will say that I’ve tried both the standard and the HD versions and the HD definitely has noticeably sharper graphics. They’re cartooney but fit the style of the game very well and don’t strain your device much. Even though they’re nothing to rant and rave about such as graphics in a game like Dead Trigger or Riptide GP, they blend with the game and make the game seem more lighthearted. Don’t come expecting something mindblowing but instead something that will more be relaxing and symbolize a fun and calm game rather than a shoot ‘em up.


Everlands HD is one of the few mobile games that actually has a storyline. Even more surprising is that it’s actually a bit interesting as you quest to save different types of creatures from a dark rage that has enveloped them. The plot isn’t in depth nor should it be. This is a puzzle game and as such, doesn’t require a plot that will make you think hard. The story is quite sufficient for a game of its category and is really there as another method to keep you engaged while you play.


Everlands HD is a great puzzle game that manages to throw some interesting things such as hex style turn based play into the mix. It also includes a simple storyline to move things along and keep you from getting too bored of the repetition. Throw in decent graphics and a nice soundtrack and you’ve got a winner on your hands. Try it out for yourself in the Google Play Store! There’s a free version if you just want to try it and the full standard and HD versions are only $1.99 each. Follow the links below to get downloading!

Rating: 8/10

Everlands Free, Everlands (Standard), (HD)


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