Featured App Friday, This Week’s App: Tweet Lanes

Welcome to our newest segment here at DroidDog! Starting today, we’re going to be bringing you an app review every Friday called Featured App Friday. We’ll review an app, tell you what we liked and what we didn’t, and then tell you whether or not you should download it! If you want to suggest an app for the segment then feel free to send your app requests to me @Zricon15 on Twitter. Without further ado, let’s get started on this week’s featured app, Tweet Lanes!

The Good

Beautiful Holo ICS design, Very smooth and functional for a beta app, Omnipresent Context Tweet Box, Plenty of special features, Multiple selection, Volume scrolling, Hardworking developer pushes out updates fast

The Not So Good

It’s still in beta form, Can lag at certain times, Many things within the app are not complete, Missing key features like notifications, No customizability yet, Context Tweet Box can be hard to get used to

The Verdict

Tweet Lanes is a great app especially considering that it’s still in beta. But that’s its downfall, it’s a beta app. New features are quickly being added but until it’s completed, it can’t be my daily driver without a backup Twitter app. Read on for my full thoughts.


I’ll just come right out and say it. Tweet Lanes is the most beautiful Twitter client that I have ever used. It even manages to beat out the other big Android 4.0 inspired Twitter app, Boid. Seriously, even though it’s currently lacking a dark theme, I don’t mind all that much as the light theme that it comes with is gorgeous on its own. It fits seamlessly in with the Holo theme found in stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the blue accents and white background meshed with swipeable tabs make it almost feel like it’s an app straight from Google. The design earns two huge thumbs ups from me. Well done, developer, well done.


For the most part, performance has been great on Tweet Lanes. I tested it on my Motorola DROID RAZR and found it to be quite speedy most of the time. That said, there were periods of time when the app would lag. It usually took place when scrolling through long lists of tweets. It also popped up when swiping between tabs that were refreshing. It wasn’t really a big deal but it could bother some people who like their Twitter app to be very smooth.


This is another department where Tweet Lanes shines for a beta app. It features a fair amount of standard features such as remembering your position in the feed, having multiple account support, and having media previews in your timeline. But it goes a step beyond that with some unique features such as VolScrolling which allows you to scroll up and down with the volume keys. This comes in handy not only with larger devices, but also if your hands are dirty and you don’t want to smear your screen. It also has a new concept called the Context Tweet Box which always stays at the bottom of your screen and changes its function depending on what you’re doing. For example, if you’re on your timeline, you can type a tweet in it and it will send. If you’re on a person’s profile you can type a tweet in it and send it to them and for mentions, you can select mentions and you can reply in the Tweet Box. One of the best things is multiple selection where you can select several tweets to make the same reply to or you can select lots of spam easily to report it. Now, all of these things are great but it’s still missing some key things. First of all are notifications which means that I need to have another Twitter app installed on my phone to notify me when I get a mention or direct message. And speaking of direct messages, those are also missing from the app meaning that if you send a lot of DM’s then you’re going to want to use a different app. And finally, a dark theme. This isn’t a major issue for myself seeing as I prefer the light theme but many people love the dark Holo theme for ICS and there’s no theme customization options here. Also, many things in the app are incomplete such as the actual “Lanes” feature or even small things like the settings. This screams beta and is an unpleasant surprise when using the app.


Tweet Lanes is a great app, don’t get me wrong, and I love it. But it’s just missing too many features in its current form for me to use everyday. The lack of notifications and direct messages means that I must have another Twitter app installed on my phone and incomplete features like the settings are a bit hard to overlook for even a beta app. Luckily though, the app has a very good developer who is constantly working to make the app better. With any luck, I’ll be using it as my daily driver soon. You can pick up Tweet Lanes here on the Google Play Store right now for free. And if you decide to be an early adopter then the dev has a deal for you. Later on, there will be paid premium features in the app but if you download now then you can send a simple tweet and follow the developer in exchange for getting the app free for life. Overall, Tweet Lanes is still very much a beta app but with the dev’s hard work and the progress so far, it shouldn’t be long before it sheds its beta tag and becomes a full-fledged app.


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