Galaxy Nexus Now Listed As “Coming Soon” In Google Play Store

Those eagle-eyed folks at the The Verge tonight stumbled upon a change in the Galaxy Nexus status inside the Google Play store, it’s now listed as “Coming Soon.” Before we rush to conclusions, it’s possible one of three scenarios is playing out:

  • Google is updating boxed handsets to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Obeying the preliminary injunction halting sales
  • Applying a software patch to avoid the ban

It’s also possible they just ran out of handsets thanks to a whole bunch of sales post-Google I/O and early adopters eager to get a taste of Jelly Bean goodness. Whatever the reason is, you can’t buy a Galaxy Nexus from Google Play now. Stay tuned as this one continues to play out.

The Verge via Google Play

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