Galaxy Note ICS Update Comes with a Few Surprises

Some new features have surfaced on the International Galaxy Note after its Ice Cream Sandwich update. A “Premium Suite” of  new features, including a greeting cards application (My Story), Formula Solving, improved S Memo interface and more are added to the already fully functional device. In addition, it seems Samsung included a few extra features that have gone overlooked.

First of all, Pop-Up Play, the picture-in-picture video player, allowing users to multitask while watching content has reared itself in the new update. Sorry Galaxy S III, you’re not the only cool one now. And also, signature unlock helps keep your device more secure. Adding yet another unlock feature into the mix, it might be even more secure than Face Unlock (Unless you have that friend or little brother that can forge anybody’s signature). Theoretically, signing your name with a pen would be much more difficult to fool rather than throwing up a video in front of your phone.

Germany has the update waiting right now for unlocked handsets via Kies or soon OTA, others should see it soon.

Android Central via XDA, SamMobile

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