Galaxy S III Will See Even More Colors “In Due Course”


It’s old news that AT&T will have their own color variant for the Galaxy S III, officially known as “Garnett Red.” However, after seeing this uniquely colored variant, people have wondered if Samsung has more up its sleeve. No word on what exactly Samsung has in mind. However, it has told Pocket-Lint that other colors are coming “in due course.”

Of course, many manufacturers have to be excruciatingly vague when it comes to release dates on just about anything, but it will be interesting to see how quickly Samsung will make this happen. Also, who knows if certain colors will become exclusive to certain carriers here in the states.

Currently, the flagship smartphone only comes in two colors, Pebble Blue and Marble White. Of course, Garnett Red will be available within the month. The monotony of black slabs seems to be losing momentum thanks to phones like Nokia’s Lumia 900 and now Samsung with their new bundle of joy.

Any colors you guys would like to see? Any you will be picking up as soon as they’re available. Let us know in the comments!


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