German Courts Rule In Favor of Motorola, Apple Patents Still Valid

Some more good news today, as German courts have decided to rule in favor of Motorola in the case vs. Apple over a design dispute. Courts ruled that Moto’s Xoom design doesn’t infringe on Apple’s design patents.

Awesome news for the new Google-subsidiary; however, it is also bittersweet. Motorola tried to claim that Apple’s design patents were too broad and were therefore invalid. However, the courts determined the patents were still valid even if Moto didn’t infringe on them with the Xoom. This means Apple still owns the patents and therefore can still use them to pick more fights with Android manufacturers.

This has been a successful time for Android, considering Samsung’s recent sales and now courts ruling in the favor Motorola. Let’s hope Android OEMs can keep up this momentum and maybe put an end to the rampant patent trolling.

PhoneArena via Nasdaq

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