Google “Always Wanted To Be In The Hardware Business” According To Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt has been at the Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley, Idaho talking about Google and their products. He came with both a Nexus 7 and a Nexus Q (he called the Q “cute” and I’d have to agree!). However, he also said something surprising: Google has wanted to be in the hardware business for a long time.

He stated “We always wanted to be in the hardware business. Larry and Sergey have always wanted to do hardware in one form or another. This was a way to get into it quickly.” referencing their acquisition of Motorola Mobility. While Google has stated that they and Motorola will remain separate companies, this might indicate otherwise. He also said a new batch of products are almost ready to go, and it makes me wonder how much Google had to do with them. Might be interesting to see what this turns into!

Android Central

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