Google Fiber Already Has Over 3,900 Pre-Registrations

Google’s latest endeavor as an Internet Service Provider seems to be taking off, in many sorts. Google asked for people to pre-register so that they could know where to focus their initial rollout the most. These neighborhoods with the most interest will obviously receive the service first. And, as expected, people are showing huge interest in the first days of pre-registration. Over 3,900 people have pre-registered, securing a solid foundation for the service. With Google promising 1GB per second speeds, who wouldn’t be interested?

At the moment, Google Fiber is still only available in Kansas City. But, depending on its success, it will expand out to other parts of the nation in due time. If you don’t remember pricing and everything it can offer, check out this article to get you up to speed.

Does Google Fiber interest you? Thinking about moving to Kansas City just for this service? Let us know!

Google Fiber

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