Google Fiber Launched In Kansas City, Pre-Register Now!

Google Fiber is now arriving! While not quite ready, they have opened it up to pre-registering. However, it’s not as easy as that. To get Fiber in your area, you’ll have to rally your neighbors to pre-register along with you. If enough people do so, Google will buid a fiber infrastructure there and the whole neighborhood can use it! So when you’re finished reading this article, go out and bother your neighbors!

Then you choose a package. There are 3 packages available. There is a free one (with a $300 construction fee) which lets you 5 mbit down and 1 mbit up internet and guaranteed free service for at least 7 years. For free, it’s a great deal. The next package is gigabit internet for $70 a month. The construction fee is waived for you. With the highest package, you get gigabit internet and TV for $120 a month. Along with that, you get a wireless N router (that comes with the others), a Nexus 7 as a controller, and 2TB of Google Drive space for your recordings.

With 1000 mbit internet, you can stream HD without compression, buffering, or waiting. Gaming, video chatting, streaming, everything will be fast and smooth. It lets you record 8 shows at once straight to your Google Drive. It’s just a fantastic offering I wish was available in my area. If you want to learn more about it or sign up for it if you live in Kansas City, hit the source link. And tell us, what do you think of Google Fiber?

Google Fiber

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