Google Gets Involved Again, This Time Against Nokia

Google, who has remained quiet in many of its partners legal troubles, has once again become involved in the courtroom. This time, it’s working with HTC to defend against Nokia. The former #1 cellphone manufacturer claims that HTC infringes on no less than 16 patents owned by the Finnish firm. HTC counters that it uses them under FRAND. Although, Nokia has never pursued Google (nor has Apple for that matter), Google has filed to become a co-defendant in the case.

Google has received much flack from consumers and techies about sitting quietly while their castle is under siege. Well folks, it seems the leader will no longer stand for the bullying of its partners, which have blasted the big G’s OS to the number-one spot in market share world-wide. Google, a short while ago, has also been rumored to be working with Samsung to take on Apple.

It’ll be interesting to see how all of this plays in the ever-lengthening legal battles of the mobile market. But after a bout of silence, Google has finally stepped up. Do you guys think it was a good idea? Should Google stay out of it? Let us know!

FOSS Patents via Android Authority

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