Google My Tracks Receives Much Needed Update With Playback In Google Earth

The My Tracks app, being so lonely for so long, was finally graced with a major update. Not only does this update bring the new 4.x UI to match your Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean powered phone, but it also bring a major new feature: playback of tracks in Google Earth. Yes, your recorded tracks can now be played back in the Google Earth Android app. This is soon after the 3D update to Google Earth, which should make viewing your recorded tracks so much more fun.

It also collects statistics with charts, stat tables, trends, and the such. While not perfect for this purpose, it could help those who work out. It shows speed, elevation, and the such. Go check the Play Store for the update, or if you’ve forgotten the app a long time ago, hit this link to go download it from the Play Store.

Android Central

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