Google Nexus 7 Experiencing Low Light Screen Flicker, Is Yours?

Last night while I was doing some late night web surfing on my Nexus 7 I noticed some pretty serious screen flicker going on.  Today, I noticed Nexus 7 owners on the XDA forums having the same issue.  Here’s what XDA member potentiality says will reproduce the screen flickering on any Nexus 7:

  1. Weak WiFi signal.
  2. Backlight dimmed to under 30%.
  3. A program that constantly accesses the net, such as Google Maps.

Have you experienced this issue?  Did you find it a problem?  If you haven’t experienced it on your Nexus 7 yet, try out the steps above and see if it happens.  Let us know your thoughts and what you think Google or ASUS should do about it…

XDA Thread

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