Google Now With Independent Locale: Google Now Tweaked For Use In Your Own Language [Root Only]

I have not experienced this problem myself (as I am in the US), nor can I verify this working myself (I can’t remember any of my high school German class), but I’m totally stoked someone is taking this issue into their own hands to improve the functionality of Google Now for international users.  On Sunday, XDA member Sletmo posted what he’s calling Google Now with independent locale.  He writes in his original post,

After flashing Jelly Bean to my device I quickly discovered the problem which many non-US members have been talking about, it was impossible to use Google Now to it’s full potential without changing the system language to English (US). I thought that there had to be some simple solution to this problem, so I searched around here on xda for any mod that fixed this, but there wasn’t any success. So, after some simple smali editing I now present to you Google Now with independent locale.

This mod allows you to continue using Google Now as you’re used to, but without having to compromise with your own language of choice – Whether it be Spanish, French, Swedish or any other language that is supported as of Jelly Bean. The only thing that is required is replacing the old Google Now apk with the new one.

So, if you’re more comfortable using your device system language in one other than English, which I would assume there are plenty of you out there, here’s your chance to make things right on Jelly Bean.  As Sletmo stated, you do need to replace the old Google Now apk with a new one which means you need to be rooted.  However, if you are already rooted, it’s a very simple process.

  1. You need to be on Jelly Bean of course, and as I already stated, you need to be rooted.
  2. Download the Velvet.apk file here
  3. Using a file explorer like Root Explorer: Remount /system with read/write permissions
  4. Copy the apk to /system/app/Velvet.apk

Apparently if your system/app doesn’t have Velvet.apk, it could be under a different name like GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk.  If so, replace that file instead.  The post from Sletmo also has instructions for performing the process using adb.  The image above is using Google Now in Swedish.  Sletmo says this should work for other languages.  If you run into any problems, it sounds like Sletmo is willing to work on it if you can send him a logcat.

So, I think this is pretty cool.  Again, awesome that Sletmo is taking this issue into his own hands and providing a seemingly elegant solution.  The only device I have seen this confirmed working on within the XDA thread is the HTC One X but it should work for any device running Jelly Bean.  Always perform a backup before playing with anything in the system/app folder, and this kind of modding is always at your own risk.  I can’t verify this working, so for our foreign speaking readers, if you perform this mod, let us know how it goes for you and what you think.  Let us know by commenting below…

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