Google Now Working for Any Rooted ICS Device, Still No Voice Search

So we have a little update for some of the Google Now for ICS stories reported this morning.  First, a semi-working Google Now was working for all devices.  Then, a more functional Google Now was running for devices running AOSP ICS roms.  Now, a more stable Google Now (without voice search) is available to all rooted ICS Android Devices.  I have this confirmed working on my Epic 4G Touch.  I’m running a mostly stock rooted version of TouchWiz, and this has been confirmed working on other roms such as Sense 4 (thanks kjacksonmusic).  The installation can be performed still with a file explorer such as Root Explorer and is very simple.  I’ve actually added a step to the instructions provided by XDA Senior Member SilentStormer on the thread.  I just added the reboot in the middle of steps one and three, and this is what worked for me:

1.) Rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk in system/app to GoogleQuickSearchBox.bak

2.) Reboot

3.) Install the SIGNED version of the latest “velvet-voicereco” from the link. Install it from your SD Card just like any apk.

Also, here’s what’s currently working and not working, again from SilentStormer:

-It boots!
-searching through the text-box works
-location services work
-cards work

Not working:
-Voice search (Jelly Bean kernel-specific, we probably won’t be able to fix :-\ )

This time around I actually got asked permission to access my Google account.  This didn’t happen with my earlier attempts this morning.  I was told I would need to see this for Google Now to really be working.  I then had to go into settings and turn on Google Now.  I’m really excited for it to learn creepy things about me and tell me when to leave for appointments and what not.  Also, I wasn’t able to get the cards working this morning, but they’re obviously working now.  I think they’re pretty cool, so I’m excited to see that working.  It’s a bummer the voice search still isn’t working, but the chances of getting the voice search working on ICS is sounding pretty slim.  I barely ever use voice search anyway, so I’m not too butt-hurt about it.  So this is what we have to work with for now.  You can download the signed_velvet-voicereco.apk from here.  I think this is pretty fun news.  It’s definitely keeping my mind off of the long wait for my Nexus 7.  Be sure to back things up before you mess around with system/app stuff and definitely give the individuals who worked/are working on this a big thanks and support.

So, how is Google Now working for you guys?  What are your thoughts?  Worth replacing the ICS Google Search with yet?

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