Google Posts Yet Another How-To, This Time Focuses on Google Apps

Google is all about teaching customers to use Android, recently. After posting a tutorial video the other day, Google has now published yet another tutorial. This time focusing on its own apps. Showing off the basic look & feel of each of the “Gapps,” as they’re otherwise known. For those who aren’t clear, these are Maps, Navigation, G+, Gmail, Talk, Gallery, Calendar and more recently Currents and Chrome. These apps are said to be what makes an Android phone such a huge benefit. Having Google directly involved in creating quality applications for your smartphone that “just work” is a major selling point to consumers.

It’s good that Google is posting these videos, considering the high demand for their new tablet. As more and more people begin to adopt Android, it’ll be good for them to be able to understand and utilize all the features the device has to offer. With Jelly Bean, they will likely get an experience they won’t want to leave any time soon.

Google (YouTube)

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