Google Provides Update On Nexus 7 Shipments

I’m pretty sure that the Nexus 7 loves being in the spotlight because it just won’t stay out of the news. This latest update from Google provides good news for anybody who’s ordered a Nexus 7. First off is the U.S. where all standalone 8GB Nexus 7 orders have been shipped while all the 16GB orders before July 11 will have shipped by July 19 with overnight shipping. The rest of the 16GB orders will be processed and shipped by the end of this week. Moving onto other regions of the world, we have all 8GB models shipped in Canada with the 16GB models being shipped within the next week or two. In the UK, all 8GB orders will have shipped by July 20 with 16GB models placed before June 30 shipping before July 20 with the rest of the 16GB orders shipping out next week. Rounding it off is Australia who will have all orders shipped by July 19 and set to arrive within 3-5 days. Are you one of the many who are affected by this latest news? Type your feelings into comments if you would.


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