Google+ Traffic Jumps To A Sixty-Six Percent Increase In Nine Months

For those of you out there hoping for Google+ to continue growing into a true Twitter and Facebook competitor, there is a bit of good news this morning as traffic has surged in the past nine months. According to ComScore, the number of unique visitors to Google+ has increased by 66% over the last nine months, with 110.7 million unique visitors worldwide in June. By comparison, in November of last year that number hovered around 27.7 million visitors.

When comparing Google+ numbers to Facebook, Facebook achieved 166 million visitors last November, 158 million in May and 159.8 million this past June. Those numbers give Facebook with almost 11 times the traffic as Google+, but the Facebook/Google+ visitor ratio is now down to 5.8, though Facebook still dominates in terms of overall user engagement compared to Google+.

Of course all of these numbers are unofficial as the real traffic stats will have to come from Google themselves, but this still great news for Google+ as we hope to see it increase its viability as a real social media contender.

The Verge via Morten Myrstad (Google+)

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