Have A Little Bit Of 4th Of July Fun On Your Android Phone! Our 4th Of July Apps List


If you live in America then you obviously realize that we’re coming up to our most patriotic day of the year, the 4th of July, in just one short day. To help you have a bit of the Independence Day spirit on your phone, I’ve decided to compile a list of apps that might make your 4th of July just a bit more fun. Let’s get started!

My Beach HD and Fireworks live wallpapers

To kick off the patriotic fun, we’ll start with a screen that you’ll most likely be looking at a lot, your home screen. I’ve got a couple of live wallpapers to help show this off and I’ll start with the first one which just so happens to be the popular My Beach HD wallpaper from DualBoot Games. This is probably one of my favorite live wallpapers of all time and just from starting it up, you can see why. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s filled with vibrant colors and lush scenery depicting a day at the beach. It also features oodles of customization options that range from everything from deciding what color of stripes that the umbrella should have to simply picking one of the several pre-made themes. These themes include Independence Day, Fireworks at Night, Private Beach, Family Outing, and Shark Sighting, all of which are nicely laid out. If you want to check it out there’s the paid version for $1.99 that includes all of the customizations or there’s also a free version that lacks the neat features and themes that come with the paid version. The next live wallpaper is simply called Fireworks and it’s created by Bobby Jaeger. It does exactly what it says by shooting off fireworks over a customizable background. You can change how many fireworks are launched, and the size, type, and color of the fireworks. It may not be the fanciest app on the block but it looks nice and runs well. You can check it out here.

USA Go Launcher Ex Theme

If you’re looking to add even some more American themed fun to your phone then head over to the Play Store and grab Go Launcher Ex then download this theme and voila, you’re ready to go. It comes with themed icon backgrounds, a couple of wallpapers and all the usual stuff that comes with launchers. I haven’t tried it myself but it has good reviews and looks like a nice app. It could be worth trying out if only for a bit of fun.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

If you’ve been searching for some new recipes to try out this year, look no further than Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app which has thousands of recipes from the popular site. Search for things you’d like or simply shake your device to try out the dinner spinner which gives you a random combination of things to search for. If you need to change anything due to allergies or preferences then you can do that to help you filter your search. The Pro version of the app allows you access to all of the recipes on the site, gives you the ability to create shopping lists, scan items, share recipes, search by specific foods, and gets rid of the pesky ads in the free version. Give it a try and see what kind of recipes you can whip up!

Instagram, Camera Zoom FX, and the social app of your choice

Everybody loves to take pictures with their phone and apps like Instagram make it easy for you to share those photos with your friends. Just like the picture posted above that our pal Taylor Martin from PhoneDog posted the other day of some nice fireworks. Instagram allows you to snap pics and then add filters, HDR, frames, and tilt-shift effects until you create a photo to your liking at which point it gives you the option to post and share to several other social networks. Camera Zoom FX is stuffed to the brim with features like time lapse, voice-activated shots, collages, and more features than I could name. It can help you to take some great shots but it does have a bit of a steep learning curve so remember to test it out before snapping away pictures of your food and fireworks. And lastly, don’t forget to have your social media app of choice ready so you can share your snapshots with all of your friends.

We hope that that helps you a bit with some neat apps for the 4th of July. Above all, don’t forget to spend some time with family and friends over the holiday instead of just being buried in your phone!

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