HTC Closes South Korean Office

HTC, today, has decided it will be closing its office in South Korea. Apparently, competition is just too stiff in Samsung’s home country. It doesn’t come as a surprise though, as HTC has had financial issues as of late. Also, Canalys analysts believe that HTC had only a mere 1% of the South Korean market share even with its well-acclaimed One line. To add the nail to the coffin, Korea’s MK News site states that Samsung should have 70% of the market by the end of July.

HTC has had a rough time this past year, with lawsuits right-and-left from Apple and less than great reception in Europe of its flagship One line. The temporary ban on HTC products didn’t help the situation either. Regardless, this is simply business. Hopefully HTC will be able to turn itself around and get back on track here soon.

Android Central

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