HTC Countersues Apple, HP Patents Put to Work

HTC strikes back in Southern Florida with two counterclaims, stating that Apple is infringing on two patents HTC acquired from HP back in 2011. HTC and Apple have been back-and-forth in the legal battles recently, with Apple having won the last round. This led to an ITC ban on HTC products (specifically the One line) until further inspection, which was quickly overturned.

The two patents HTC is using against Cupertino are as follows:

  • Installation of network services in an embedded network server
  • Method and system for central management of a computer network

HTC claims that the first patent is being infringed by Apple on almost all of its products, including Macbook/Pro/Air, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Basically anything Apple makes that is portable.

The second allegedly infringed by products such as Apple Remote Desktop and Apple Profile Manager, or anything that is affiliated with these services.

Although HTC has had bad luck with patent lawsuits in the past, here’s to hoping it learned its lesson with the Google patents and will be able to use HP’s to its advantage.


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