HTC Encodes Framework Images With Proprietary Algorithm

Sense 3.5 introduced a new problem for themers, and it has continued with newer versions of the software. Most of the framework images are not a simple JPG or PNG, like other devices. They are encoded with an unknown and proprietary algorithm, so no developers can modify them.

Developers have been working for months to figure it out, but there has been very little progress. So theming Sense 3.5 and up is still not doable. But it makes me wonder, what happened to make HTC think it was necessary to prevent theming?

They lock bootloaders, yes. But they also provide unlock tools. Shouldn’t that mean we get full freedom, since we have already voided our warranty? Well, HTC has proven that false time and time again. But why mess with the image format? What possible benefit does this give you? Why not make the algorithm public? What does this prevent besides theming? Ridiculous, HTC. Thanks a lot. What do you guys think of this situation?


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