Huawei Wants You to Be Able to Talk About Them Correctly

Huawei is a much more recent name to many in the tech world, however, it is quickly picking up momentum worldwide. On the other hand, as the company gains popularity, it also has its name continually butchered. Mostly by native English speakers, the word Huawei has been pronounced in so many different ways, it has become increasingly difficult to figure out if people are even talking about the same firm or not.

Well Huawei (Wah-Way) wants to clear the air. No longer are you allowed to refer to it as some made up word you created while eating a large mouthful of your favorite pasta dish. Huawei wants you to know exactly how to say their name and they are doing so by going around Times Square and telling people about themselves. A promotional video has been made to make it an even larger campaign. Finally, the mystery surrounding the difficulty-named company has been solved, but not without some help from the suspects themselves. Check the video out and see if you were like these people.

YouTube via PhoneArena

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