Ice Cream Sandwich Rises To Double Digits To Claim 10.9 Percent Of All Android Devices

Google has released their latest platform version numbers and they show that the number of devices with Ice Cream Sandwich has climbed up to 10.9 percent.  This number may still be relatively small, but it’s an increase from the 7.1 figure it was last month.  In fact, Android 4.0 is the only version that did not see a decline in numbers in the latest study.

I’m glad to see the increase, but I’m leery that the trend will continue in the future.  I know more manufacturers will release ICS to their existing devices, but I also see the potential for some companies to skip over Ice Cream Sandwich and instead release Jelly Bean on new devices they produce.

Tell us your thoughts.   Do you think the adoption to Ice Cream Sandwich will continue to grow or will the announcement of Jelly Bean will cause it to stall?

Android Central

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