Instagram Gains New Update To Add Flickr Sharing And Nexus 7 Support

The Nexus 7 is just barely beginning to become available to the mass public and Instagram has already rolled out a new update to support the tablet. Owners of the Nexus 7 were met with a compatibility message when they first tried to use Instagram on their shiny new tablet but that has been resolved with this latest update. Now you can browse to your hearts content and even though the tablet lacks a rear-facing camera, you can take as many duck-face shots with the front camera as you want (Seriously, don’t actually do this).

One other feature that the update brings is Flickr sharing. If you’re part of Flickr and you want to share your photos from your phone then you can now share filtered and cropped pictures straight to your Flickr profile. If you want to pick up Instagram then follow the links below and once you do, follow me @zricon15. If you just want to see more of the Nexus 7 then check out our first unboxing here!

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