International Galaxy S II Receiving Android 4.0.4 Update, But Be Careful!

Looks like the Galaxy S II hasn’t been abandoned yet! An update to Android 4.0.4 (from 4.0.3) is rolling out to some areas now. Users in Motherland Russia have reported getting this update over the air, and it is available through Kies. It should be arriving in other areas very soon! I love seeing Samsung support the S II, as it is on the same software version as the S III and Galaxy Nexus.

However, there is some bad news. A recent leak of 4.0.4 has been found to be plagued with the recent brick bug. Check this article by our own Brooks Barnard for more information on the brick bug in 4.0.4 builds. It is not confirmed that this new build suffers from it too, but it is very possible. Please read his PSA on the matter.


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