Jelly Bean Development Happening On The Epic 4G Touch

It all started Thursday.  XDA Recognized Developer sbrissen tweeted the following including the image above:

This event started a frenzy on the XDA forum for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch (E4GT).  Immediately, E4GT owners began searching the internet for for the files to give Jelly Bean a run on their device.  Guess what, the files are there.  The build that’s available isn’t ready for prime time yet.  That’s why sbrissen hasn’t officially posted it.  However, sneaky individuals who have found it have successfully flashed in on their device and are pretty impressed for an alpha-ish build.  sbrissen has requested that no links to the rom be posted, and that as soon as the Jelly Bean rom is ready to be a daily driver, he’ll release it officially.  Here’s what sbrissen has said about his work in its current state:

Alright for all you lucky people that can find my JB builds I don’t mind people using them but use at your own risk, and know I don’t support them yet. I put the builds there so I can have them tested.

With that said if you know where to dl them from the new build out there has the following fixes from the first one:

-Camcorder works
-Streaming video works (youtube/netflix)
-Audio works
-3g data DOES NOT but 4g data DOES
-Voice should be much more reliable
-Fixed Storage Settings FC

I appreciate the enthusiasm for the builds and I will post a link when I feel confident its a daily driver.

So, if you’re sneaky enough to find it, here are some things you should know to hopefully have a happy experience.  Quoted from XDA member Gazzuk:

  1. Odin el26
  2. Install el26 cwm
  3. Boot into cwm
  4. Format all wipe
  5. Wipe cache
  6. Dalvik wipe
  7. Flash rom
  8. Flash gapps on pg 3 (of the XDA thread)
  9. Reboot and enjoy 

In addition to this list, a safe bet would be to install the files from your external sd card.  Beware, this is absolutely at your own risk.  I have read about a few bricked devices trying to play with this Jelly Bean rom.  If you read what’s been successful for others, you’re likely to not end up with an expensive paper weight.  I’ll post a link to the XDA thread below so you can check it out for yourself before you flash anything.  Pretty exciting news for Epic 4G Touch owners.  I myself couldn’t be more excited.  I may get brave soon and try it out on my device.  I’ll let you know how it goes when I do.  Be sure to follow the thread below if you’re interested and let us know your thoughts. Also, if you find the files and flash the rom, let us know how it goes and what you think. Who else is excited about this?

XDA Thread

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