Jury Selected for Apple vs. Samsung, Steve Jobs Can be Referenced by Apple

As we all know, Apple vs. Samsung is well under way. Today, we get a chance to dive in even further. A jury has now been selected for the trial, which despite being in a highly Apple-dominated area seems quite unbiased. The selection process was rigorous, as legal teams and Judge Koh widdled down the list from 74 to just 10. Prospective jurors were asked if they had any connections to either companies, employment status/history, income, if they had read any books that could lead them to a biased “thermonuclear” opinions and even what type of smartphone, tablet and computer they used.

Shockingly, many still used feature phones, although many of the jurors still had some ties to the companies in some way. It’s hard to avoid having a Samsung TV or a Mac these days.

Many potentials were dismissed due to financial situations or employment and the Apple employee was dismissed for obvious reasons. Strangely, a Google employee was left in the mix for quite some time. Apple quickly tried to remove the individual upon realizing this. Judge Koh argued that the man was sincere and Apple shouldn’t be concerned with his presence. In the end, the Google employee still didn’t make the cut into the final jury.

Opening statements begin tomorrow with both parties looking to create a beginning to an end of this patent war. One can hope the jury makes the right decision in the end.



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