Kickstarter: Pear Converts An iPod Dock To A Bluetooth Dock

Pear is a new Kickstarter that I immediately fell in love with. Us Android music fans know the pain of every dock being only iPod compatible. That 30 pin connector taunts us, while we have to use a 3.5mm cable. I’ve seen an Android compatible dock, but we have no variety. So what do we do? Buy a Pear.

Pear is a new device that plugs into the 30 pin connector of any iPod dock and lets you connect to it through Bluetooth. It’s a tiny device that efficiently converts any iPod dock into a Bluetooth dock. So even if you have an iPhone, this would let you use your dock without having to relinquish your phone. It’s so elegant and easy to use.

For us Android users, this could be a savior. I wanted to buy a nice dock for a while, but my dad keeps insisting on a standard one with an iPod connector instead of a Bluetooth one. Now we can have both! This is one of those few Kickstarter projects that’s both genius and easily doable. It’s genius, really. Go fund it!


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