Leaked Document Says Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch Getting Official ICS Starting 7/12

So remember when I posted about the rumor of Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich update being right around the corner?  Yah…  By corner I meant about a month and a half away.  I’ve honestly been floored by how long this update has taken to roll out, and there’s still nothing official yet.  However, a leaked document has surfaced in regards to the official ICS update for the Epic 4G Touch stating that the roll out will begin on 7/12 and will continue through 7/20.  Again, nothing official has come from Sprint yet, so no promises that this is real.  The document states that the ICS release build will be the Android 4.0.4 FF18 build.  I’ve been running this build on my Epic 4G Touch since it came out (June 18ish) and it’s super stable and works great.  It’s not a big difference from what you have in Gingerbread, especially with looks, but I’ve really enjoyed the improvements.  So, I really hope this document is real.  I know there will be a lot of happy Epic 4G Touch owners out there that have patiently watched all the other US Galaxy S II variants get their ICS updates.  If you’re interested, a link to a video review of the leaked FF18 build by qbking77 can be found here.  Let me know your thoughts, I’m an Epic 4G Touch owner so I’m excited to talk about this…


Android Central

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