Legacy Play Store: See List Of Purchased Apps, Just Like Old Times

Remember the times where you could just scroll to the bottom of the Android Market and see all your purchased apps that weren’t installed? To me, that was an invaluable feature. I needed to keep track of the apps I purchased, to remember I had them (I am a forgetful man).

And just like that, with a random Play Store update, it was gone. No longer could we see a list of purchased apps in any form. We were forced to scroll through a massive list of every app we’ve ever installed, including all the free crap we tried out and immediately uninstalled. It’s a lot like the Amazon Appstore’s list of apps: it shows all the apps you’ve ever installed. Except at least Play Store differentiates by having a list of currently installed apps and a list of all apps.

Well fret no longer. Paul O’Brien of Modaco managed to get a hold of an old version of the Play Store that still showed the list. He then modified it to install alongside the standard Play Store, so you can use the Legacy version just to see purchased apps and use the current one to do everything else.

The APK should be installable without any root or special procedures on any device. On some Jelly Bean devices and older phones, it may not be so simple, and will need root. Basically, you’ll need to put the APK into /system/app and chmod (set permissions) to 644. Do this at your own risk. Hit the source link to get the file, and enjoy. This is quite a necessary app.

Modaco Legacy Play Store | Android Police